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Quality and product purity have always meant everything to us, so we've sent our products off for advanced lab testing to ensure we can continue to offer you the best black garlic around!

Like their predecessor, the new products also offer health benefits derived from the Malliard process, akin to fermentation, such as a massive increase in antioxidants. 


Additionally, the majority of the ingredients are grown in cooperation with local Texas farmers. One of our company's primary missions has always been to work with and support local farmers. Not only does our seed program help the farmers, but knowing the farmer helps us maintain a significant amount of quality control, something no other black garlic companies are doing. 


On top of that, we say our products are truly vegan and beyond organic because they're grown without fertilizer or pesticides and are naturally Non-GMO, for that matter.


Many people don't realize this, but certified organic is not always what people expect. Meaning people, vegans for example, feel assured they're eating clean produce when, in fact, organic fertilizer can be used to grow certified organic vegetables, but when tested, animal protein is often found due to the organic manure, so it's not a truly vegan product. However, we test our produce for non-animal specific protein and it's a hundred percent clean. The industry practically forces companies like ours to pay thousands of dollars for a certification that can be misleading, and we believe it's important that the public be made aware of this issue.